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I dunno if this will work or not but I have a friend selling NES on e-bay .
He watches his auctions like a hawk and is always paranoid that I am doing a
watch on his auctions . he sees the watch counter on his "MY E_BAY " page
and always thinks it's me trying to trick him .
I thought it would be funny to get as many people as possible hitting his
auction and even better if you are an e-bay member you could click on watch
this auction .
His counter will go sky high and his watch
# could do the same .
PLease do not screw up his auction at all but I think it would be
hillarious if the counter on that one auction went thru the roof and the
item didn't even sell .
The auction I picked is for nes dash galaxy . the link is below .
If this works and a few of you help me out and do it and forward this info
to others you know on e-bay I will do an update later this week to tell you
all about it .
here is the link have a good one
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    358 now
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    jack wrote:
    > Well we did really good over 400 page hits and 36 watchers by the
    > time it was over . He couldn't believe it didn't sell . We let him
    > off the hook today and he is vowing revenge big time . He couldn't
    > believe we were responsible for all the hits and all the watches but
    > it went well .
    > Like I said he is vowing revenge now so if he comes here looking for
    > help to get me remember to stay loyal to the one that started this
    > all and tip me off will ya ????
    > I offered a truce to any further tricks jokes and pranks but I
    > couldn't get a firm committment on that . I think his wheels are
    > spinning and revenge will be his middle name for a while but I guess
    > I will just have to take it cause we know now that I can dish it .
    > Thanx again for all your help
    > sibby

    lol cool. Thanx for the updates.

    Just for kicks let's look at the word funeral for a moment. Starts with
    the word FUN doesn't it.
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