Gigabyte GA-Z68X-UD3H-B3 and i2500k.. Am I clocking it wrong?

got this combo just a few days ago and it set up extremely well, hit 4.5 Ghz no problem with wunning it at 1666 even with my 1333 7-7-7-18 Patriot 5 RAM.

Well, after a few days of playing games and fooling around, I had to reset and it told me there was a voltage error. I set everyhing back to how it was, now it either hangs at the Windows loading screen or RIGHT befrore entering Windos (it flashes a block BSOD-tpye screen with black letters, then some sorta countdown memory dump ot something).

I've set everything back to default, I'm sure it's not a heat setting, what else could it before? I even tried re-installing Windows and it occured while trying to set it up. Can anyone help? I'm thinking I may need to adjust the volage or something along those lines? I hope the board didn't give out already.
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  1. You should probably short the CMOS battery with a screw driver or something. Please look into this first because I don't want to be blamed for anything. I have resorted to shorting out the CMOS battery and nothing bad has happened.

    Refer to this guide to overclock your Sandy Bridge in the future:
  2. Short the CMOS battery? I didn't really see anything on that page about a CMOS battery being shorted, saw some stuff about some other stuff being shorted out.
  3. The link I provided does not mention anything of shorting out the CMOS battery, it's a guide to overclock. This is to reset the bios completely. You pretty much turn off your computer > unplug AC adaoter > open the case > look for cmos battery [usually round with 2 pins around it] > hold metal object on them for a sec or two. That's how I reset my gigabyte 890 when something goes wrong :P look into it.
  4. You could take the battery out of mobo for a while and allow it to reset.
  5. Oh okay, I was imagining something else entirely. That's exactly how reset my BIOS.
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