New video card for HP p6714y 250W or 300W?

I recently purchased an HP Pavilion p6714y Desktop PC

This is the exact computer:

The video card that came with the computer is an integrated nVidia GeForce 6150SE and I want to upgrade it to something that can play some mid-level games and also support dual monitors.

The power supply is 250W, so I'm not really sure what my options are.

For cards that I see that recommend a 300W or higher power supply, will the 250W supply work?

The reason I ask this question is...

My other computer, an HP Pavilion Elite HPE-410f, came from the manufacturer with an ATI Radeon HD 5570 video card, but the specs for the ATI card say a minimum of 400W is recommended and the computer and the system only has a 300W power supply and HP still put that card into it. I can't imagine that HP would put a card into a system that can't support it, so I was wondering if my p6714y would run a graphics card that recommends 300W?

Either way, can you guys give me a suggestion for a graphics card that will work in the p6714y that will give me dual monitor support and play some mid-level games?

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  1. plznote said:

    Can you explain why my HPE-410f came with an ATI Radeon HD 5570 and a 300W power supply?

    If that combination works, why would I need a 450W supply? I know that a 300W runs the 5570...
  2. hi, i didn't look how old this post was ... but any way... I'm looking for a video card for my hp computer with 300w psu just wanted to know if you bought the card for your 250 psu... which brand and how did it go? I don't want to upgrade my psu.

    thanks for any help
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