Pcie 2.0 fix any video card?

the pciex16 fix any video card? my motherboard is ecs elitegroup ddr2
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  1. What on earth do you mean? Please clarify the first statement
  2. i mean the pciex16 can fix any video card cause my motherboard is ecs elitegroup ddr2 only what video card compatible?
  3. pciex16 can i fix any video card even ddr2,or ddr3?
  4. Your English is really bad. You're going to have to be more clear.
  5. post on a site that is your native language so someone can help you.
  6. Yes you can use any video card as long as it's pci e (pciex16 can i fix any video card even ddr2,or ddr3) is how I came to that conclusion for anybody wondering.
  7. do you mean the pcie x16 can fix any video card even this ddr2 or ddr3 its working nothing problem but my question is my mother board is only ddr2...
  8. My best guess is that you are referring to the fact that your motherboard supports DDR2 RAM and your video card possibly has DDR3 memory on board.

    In answer to that, yes it will be fine, the two are completely unconnected and will not affect each other.
  9. ok sir cause may motherboard is ddr2 i want to fix ddr3 ati radeon pcie... this is nothing problem?
  10. the memory on your graphics card will not cause any problems as long as you are using a pci-express card in a pci-express slot on your motherboard. The memory type your motherboard uses for RAM is unrelated to a graphics card. The graphics card could be ddr3, or ddr5 and it would not matter so long as you have a pci express slot to put it in.
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