Are AM3 CPUs being discontinued?

I'm about to buy a mobo and cpu for a system I'm building and I need to know if AMD is discontinuing the AM3 socket, will all future AMD CPUs use the AM3+ socket?

If they will keep making AM3 processors should I go for an AM3+ mobo anyway?
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  1. Go for an AM3+ board just to be safe.
  2. +1 AM3+ although AM3 will still be around a few years yet, look at Intel's SKT755, been around for years but only now starting now to die out.
  3. U guys just made my mind settle down because i thought i was going to have to be a new mobo and chip next year
  4. agree, agree , agree with all above, I think the AM3 + will worth for the next 2-3 years, AM3 + will also be discontinued, but who knows, it all depends on AMD, if in the 2 years come back to producing AM4 using DDR4, he he he, what would you think ?
  5. Intel will adopt RAM 1st.
  6. See a monthback I bought a 1100T and a ASUS Sabertooth Mobo and every intel guy goes AM3+ is going to die in 7 months and I was like WTF did i buy all this for
  7. Quote:
    that's just the Intel 'fanatics' trying to mentally prepare themselves for AMD/Bulldozer competition.
    and AMD's upgrade path has ALWAYS been more user friendly than Intel's..
    with all the delays and stepping revisions that keep pushing Bulldozer back, IT BETTER PERFORM.
    I use to keep hearing about Bulldozer being 50% faster in certain testing environments than Intel SB.
    I do not of course believe it but, let me see..
    you did the right thing even though I feel the 1100T or any AMD 6-core is crap and all you really needed
    was the 955BE or 965BE and you would have been fine.
    but the AM3+ motherboard is the right thing to do.

    I bought the 1100t for rendering when BF3 comes out because I going to end up making videos and stuff.
  8. O well i hope bulldozer comes out and does good still not buying it for at least 6 months
  9. According to your thread's tittle:

    Yeas and no, AM3 CPU will continue, but the X6 line will die at December of this year

    According to your thread:

    The AM3+ is the newer socket for AMD and AFAIK exist projects for a new socket next year (just rumor, nothing sure), but the new CPU.
  10. Quote:
    why is the X6 line dying out.?
    I don't mind really but curious, I've been out of touch with current events.
    working too darn much.

    Business plus the upcoming BD lines x4, x6 and x8. Those CPUs are build (in theory) for performs better than the current Thuban cores, so, keep the Thuban line isn't a good options for AMD.
  11. I doubt that they well just drop off this earth they will still sell them
  12. O well next step for me in a couple of years is bulldozer
  13. vSpooKy said:
    O well next step for me in a couple of years is bulldozer

    You have firepower for another 3 years.

    Whats wrong with your 1100t?
  14. No i saying I not going to go and jump on bulldozer for a couple of year.

    I just bought my 1100T and love it I not jump ship for awhile just going to be changing GPU every year if there big difference's
  15. See 2 years i can live with
  16. I have had my 1055t for around 3 months and still not OC'ed it since they are going to be gone soon I may as well OC it and get a Bulldozer in aroumd June next year.
  17. The number one reason why I dont belive that artical it seems pretty stupied for bulldozer to come out for only one year and then all of a sudden swich sockets. If your going to do that just start with the different sockets.
  18. Thanks for the replys, I bought a Phenom II X4 955BE for $108 slightly used on eBay (risky I know) and an ASrock 970 Extreme 4 mobo for $104
  19. eBay is good if you know buy there, as malmental says...buyer protection.
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