No Video P7H55-M with Graph card and Core i7 870!

hi folks , yesterday i was planning to build a new pc for my dad and picked up the parts from the hardware store .

i installed all components into the case not knowing it wouldnt work .
okay so heres my build before i start off :
CPU: Intel Core i7 870 (lynnfield)
GPU: Ati Radeon HD5670
PSU: Corsair CX600
RAM: Corsair XMS3 2000mhz 8Gb(2x 4Gb)
M/B : Asus P7H55-M

okay , so when i installed all components it wasnt working on the on board video supply , later after some research i realised that my CPU doesn't support Intel integrated graphics , No problem! ive got an ATI 5670
after putting the videocable in the graphics card it didnt do anything more , the monitor is just unresponsive and says going to sleep mode(NOTE: not giving : check Video cable!).
so i researched some more and decided to take drastic measures , i hooked up only the mobo ( outside the case) with the PSU , GPU, RAM (tried both 1 and 2 sticks) And CPU.
ive tried aloooooot of things such as getting another monitor , putting the RAM only in the blue slots or in the black , it didnt do *** , just not giving video , every other part is working on the mobo except video (i think)
all the fans are running(CPU cooler, GPU and PSU)

im outta thoughts folks ,any help would be appreciated!

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  1. Did you try another video card? Did you try a different cable or input (VGA instead of DVI)?
  2. Ensure you've connected all power connectors to the motherboard and to the graphics card if it has any.

    Check your motherboard manual for any mention of LED status lights that indicate what the issue may be.

    If you can borrow another PCIe video card from a friend and see if you can get any picture. Even better, try fitting this card into another system and see if it has the same issue.
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