Need help determining which graphics card.

Hi, I'm planning on upgrading my graphics card to either a Galaxy geforce 460 GTX 768 mb SC(810 core clock) or an EVGA B stock 1GB Geforce 460 GTX external exhaust (720 core clock).

My question is would the EVGA one be better than the Galaxy cause of its 1gb of ram or would the galaxy be better because of its higher clock speed.

Thank you in advance for answering me.
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  1. I wouldn't get the 768 MB unless you play at lower res.
  2. Okay thank you, I'll go with the 1gb one. However I have one more question. Will my duel 3.2 ghz nocona xeon processors with hyperthreading enabled and 3gb of pc2-3200 ram, and pci-e 1.0 slot be able to use the gtx 460 or would it cause a bottleneck?
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