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So I put together a new PC yesterday and it has a Radeon 6870 in it. I connected it to my 23in LEDtv through HDMI and it worked first shot. After getting everything the way I wanted I decided to move my pc to its permanent location in a seperate room next to my bedroom. After hooking everything back up and turn it on my tv says invalid format. I did change my display settings before I turned it off because everything was so stretched out. It was on like 600x800 res I think and I changed it to 1280x 700 I think it was. How do I change it back if I cant see what I'm doing?
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  1. Did it work at 1280 x 768 when you initially changed it to that?
  2. yes I actually unplugged my tv for a litle bit and plugged it back in and it worked again. Not sure what the issue was. The setting I set it to were 1280x720 actually, not 768.
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    Try plugging it into a monitor, setting it to a resolution that is known to work fine and go from there.
  4. That was the thing. We dont use monitors here. Just laptops and tv's.
  5. Ah right, does your TV have a PC input, like a VGA port?
  6. Yea, but I thought the input wouldnt have anything to do with hows its plugged in. If the resolution was wrong because of what I set it to on the pc wouldnt the tv know this no matter how it was connected whether through VGA or HDMI? Never used VGA so maybe it works differently?
  7. The VGA may work differently. My friend tried plugging in his PC to his TV via HDMI and it got the same problem you did. Plugging into the VGA fixed it, even though it's a less glamorous way of connecting it, AND you'll need to separately connect the audio.
  8. hmm, ok. Ill try that. I just gotta find my vga cord though :p
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