How can I get a spray paint job on my case?

Hey guys, Im gonna be getting a white NZXT Phantom soon and I would like to do a spray paint job on the side of it

I am only gonna be spray painting ReaperX on the side of my case, so I need a cut out of some sort, I want it to look really nice

I was wondering where I could get REALLY COOL looking (descriptive I know) spray paint either locally or cheap online along with some sort of cut out, I need it to look sick as hell XD

Does anyone know where I can obtain this stuff :( I dunno jack *** about spray paint of spray painting basically :(
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  1. or you could by a custom decal instead which if applied properly will look just as good and wont look like a diy paint job...

    spray painting PC cases is a skill that is learnt over time
  2. It would be nice if you say where you are :)
  3. I see, well I would be fine with a decal too but like where could I get em for an affordable price.. /:?

    I want it to say ReaperX horizontally across the side and maybe some other places too
  4. pepe2907 said:
    It would be nice if you say where you are :)

    I live in Rochester NY
  5. You can get a can of car spray-paint at a local auto store(O'reilly's, Autozone, etc). For the template I would take some measurements of how much space you have on the side of the case. Make a block on a poster-board(not the thick foam ones) that meets the requirements of your case's side. Inside your drawing zone using a pencil make a 2 second layout of your words to get a good idea of size and how to fit it in the area. Then go into detail with the pencil and make it as COOL as you'd like. Once you are satisfied with a certain set of lines you made, take a permanent marker and trace the lines of the letters that you want to use. The next step would be to cut out the letters of your template. I would suggest using a box-cutter knife or an exact-o-knife(probably incorrect spelling). Now that you have your template! You can proceed to the next step which is a lot less forgiving than having to buy more poster-board. Take your template and tape it to the side of your case exactly how you want it. I've never painted a case before but I know that heavy coats of paint cause dripping. and you definitely dont want that. So once you got your template on there and taped, go ahead and spray in a quick coat. your gonna want to put a coat on at least 3-4 times so that is why the template stays on and taped. Once its dried go ahead and remove the template. It look good? Well i hope it does. re-post with some pictures and maybe some advice and adventures you had while painting a decal on your case. ;)
  6. Sounds complicated /: Tutorial vids would be nice /:
  7. Just cut out a template you made on thick paper that wont bleed. Then tape it how you want it and paint the inside of the template with multiple light coats of some cheap car spray. Then when its dry, take the template off and Wa-la!
    I'm sure there is a more "professional" way to do it. But that is how I would probably do it. And I say car paint because I know that's what most people use to paint their cases.
  8. One tip -

    Too little is better than too much!

    Don't spray too much and allow it to drip all over the place. Spray a very light coat and keep topping it up and going over it as necessary.
  9. That is a good top Adrian. Arent there any communities online that focus on this kinda stuff that you guys may know about?
  10. I would try
  11. Hmm I will try that, any others?
  12. Yeah I had already stated to apply many light coats. but extra emphasis from Adrian is good. And that's the only case mod community that I'm aware of.
  13. Hmm :( (Cries)
  14. Just look for any painting community, whether it be model figures, model cars, or actual cars, the principles are more or less the same.

    You could try graffiti/tagging communities, whenever I see a train go by it seems there's always some car that's VERY impressively painted.
  15. At my school there is an automotives program, and one of the kids brought in his computer case and primed and repainted it. It looked pretty amazing.
  16. You can buy special paper (self adhesive transpaarancy) that can be used wqith pretty much any printer - print your own custome design and stick it on :)
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