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Slow connection

I just re-installed Win7 on a new HDD in my PC.
Updated all drivers, ect.
Now, it is sooo slow to connect to the internet (takes about 5 min. for this site to load).
Any other PC connected to the wireless router works just fine.

any suggestions on how to fix this would be greatly appreciated
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  1. Are you using DHCP to connect or a fixed IP? I suggest a fixed IP.
  2. sry,
    i figured it out... kinda

    the wireless card was set on 802.11b not g
    after i changed that, and re-enabled to card it seems to work fine
  3. Glad you found a sort of solution. However, if your router ws set to support both B and G connections, that shouldn't have caused a delay like that. If there are ever any hiccups with DHCP, those can really drag down the connection. Using a fixed IP will still help minimize the time. Sounds like you are using a desktop, is that correct? If so, you don't have to worry about changing IPs once set (like with a laptop and using other nets from time to time).
  4. problem has occurred again
    how do i change to a fixed IP
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    Go to:
    Control Panel/Network and Internet/Network Connections
    Right click on your network adapter then select Properties
    Select Internet Protocol Version 4 then Properties
    Set your IP address, subnet mask (set to, your gateway address, and your DNS server addresses (I would suggest you use Google's DNS sites of and if you don't know the DNS for your ISP).
    Click OK.

    That's it. Good luck!
  6. i'm using Win7 not XP...
    so that doesn't really work that way
  7. arges86 said:
    i'm using Win7 not XP...
    so that doesn't really work that way

    I followed that path exactly when I sent you the message from a Win7 box. You can also get to the same path from your Network icon on your desktop, then Network and Sharing Center, then Change adapter settings. Both work. Good luck!
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