Buying new RAM memory need help...!

So i've decided to upgrade my PC a bit, im buying new graphic card, and now i want to buy new RAM memory. I got 2 sticks of RAM each having 2 gb's , but one of them is working on 667 mhz and other on 333.3 mhz. Checking via Everest, it shows that my RAM works on 333.3 mhz, which is pretty slow, but now i want to buy new RAM ddr2 ( forgot to mention that, my mobo supports ddr2 memory, not ddr3) from 2 gb but 800mhz speed. Does that mean my RAM will work on 667 mhz speed? Thanks in advance.
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  1. system specs?
  2. well i got gigabyte mobo ma720-us3, amd athon II x2 7850 be oc'd to 3.0 ghz, you know the ram and for the moment nvidia 9600gt 1gb, but soon to be changed with nvidia geforce gtx 550i ti 1gb.
  3. You may want to check e-bay for DDR2, as they are not manufactured any longer. Actually I sold my DDR2s on e-bay twice this year. If you buy them any other place, probably you have to pay even more than for the equivalent capacity DDR3 RAM. Unfortunately, I don't have any more DDR2.

    If any one of your stick has lower speed, the other will be lowered to match the speed. When you install multiple sticks, you want to use the same brand and the same model if possible to prevent any possible bottleneck issue.
  4. What OS are you using if not using a 64 bit os no need to go over 4 gigs. Also your board can support up to 16 gigs

    1.4 x 1.8V DDR2 DIMM sockets supporting up to 16 GB of system memory (Note 1)
    2.Dual channel memory architecture
    3.Support for DDR2 1200 (Note 2)/1066/800/667 MHz memory modules

    Thats the specs for your ram for gigabyte's site.

    DDR2 is mighty pricey so i wouldnt invest too much into old tech look into upgrading

    this is what what you can get for the fastest for your system

    or for the most capacity x2

    you could buy a new MB and CPU and RAM for what it would cost to max out on DDR2
  5. Update on subject: Actually i opened my PC to clean it up, and i used an opportunity to check out what's it say on RAM's, and it says that they are both 2gb RAM working on 800 mhz, but one of them is CL5 and the other one is CL6. I asked a guy from the shop i bought my PC about this RAM issue, and he said that my FSB is not allowing maximum speed of 800 mhz, cuz of stability issues. I just thought "wtf, my mobo supports 1066 mhz, what stability issue". And buying new mobo with CPU and RAM is too expensive for me at his point, i just saved up some money for new GPU and power supply, so mobo and the rest will have to wait for now...
    But i appreciate the replies. Gratz!
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