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Which z77 motherboard is better for gaming?

i have a choice between two mother boards.

1rst: the asus z77 sabertooth

and 2nd: the asrock z77 extreme6

i need two know which one is better for gaming and can overclock better. i also want to know is, do all motherboards support 7.1 surround sound and if not, does the asus sabertooth support it or does the asrock have better audio.

thank you.
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    i would go with the asrock. when picking a bord click under details and it will tell you how many channels each onboard audio card provides
    pay attention to how each board work outs the pcie lanes. with a single pcie card it will run at 16x. the cheaper board will run two cards at 16x and 4x. the good boards will run at 8x 8x
  2. The sabertooth is top-of-the-line.
    It will overclock better.
    However, you wont see a difference bigger than 1fps in game.
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