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My brothers computer is having a problem. He was about to sell it to a friend last night, but my brother wanted to keep the data on his HDD so he put another one in. Well, after attempting to install W7 on this other HDD it would absolutely not work, so we decided to just put the original HDD back in. The original HDD is connected via Sata and the one that W7 wouldn't install on was an IDE drive.

So last night when we tried to boot it there was a noise I think and you could smell smoke or as if something was burning.

Anyways, now, no matter which HDD is in, the computer will power on, and after about 5-10sec start making a sort of squeling noise. It's not terribly loud, but loud enough where you can hear it. Then, after around 30 seconds, the machine just powers off. There is no more smell of smoke anymore though. I honestly am lost as to what the problem is. The power supply was replaced less than a month ago too. My brother also says that the noise isn't from the HDD, since it does this no matter what HDD is in the computer. The monitor gets picture, so I wouldn't think that it's the video card. Perhaps when HDD's were being swapped a cord or another component got bumped and is causing a short to occur somewhere? Any help is appreciated, and here are the specs :

Phenom 9550(I think, it's an original Phenom that runs at 2.6Ghz)
XFX 8200 Mobo (
4GB Ram
XFX 5770
Cooler Master 600W PSU
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  1. power supply. Rule of thumb, dont buy coolermaster or other cheap crap.
  2. Sounds like power supply, yes. Smoke + shutdown are generally quite reliable indicators....
  3. agree with above since Cooler Master 600W PSU = 450W efficiency less than 70% (labeled 600W). Swapped PSU good idea
  4. yes try another psu. Also try booting it without the hard drive connected and see if the machine still turns off, check all cables and make sure nothing is shorting. Once I had a problem where the inside of a molex as just touching the metal corner inside the case and it kept shutting down.
  5. So cooler master is not regarded as a good power supply brand? Well, I will be taking it back to microcenter on Saturday then. We just got a replacement one from there a month ago. They also made my brother pay $5 for an extended warranty. After going through two of these things, we definitely don't want another Coolermaster. So does anyone have any experience with microcenter and do you think they will allow us store credit to use on a different power supply instead?

    And how much power does his system need from a good power supply? I know the good ones are Corsair, Antec, Seasonic, and certain OCZ models. If anyone would be so kind to go to microcenter's website and select a power supply that will be able to power the specs above I'd really appreciate it. Also, I'd like to leave a little headroom for OC the cpu in the future.
  6. well I have never had any probs with them, I like to think of coolermaster as in the middle in terms of quality. Corsair are my number 1
  7. Well how certain is everyone that it's the power supply? I have no spare available to test it with, which means the only way would be to take the power supply out of my computer. I really do not want to do that, as it takes forever to take out and put back in.

    I should also mention that I am almost certain I heard a faint popping sound the same time you could smell smoke. This would indicate a capacitor blowing out correct? So I should also check the motherboard for blown capacitors? And if I don't find any there it's likely the power supply?
  8. Okay, just a little update on information. I recently attempted to narrow down what is making the squealing noise and causing the system to power off.

    Removed HDD and attempted to boot without it, squealing noise was still there.

    Remove CD drive, booted on, squealing noise still there.

    Unplugged CPU fan, booted on, squealing noise still there.

    Removed video card, booted on, squealing noise still there.

    Took out cooler master power supply and did the paper clip trick, power supply turned on find, no squealing noise coming from the power supply.

    While the cooler master power supply was sitting on table, we plugged in some random hdd to it. Turned it on(paper clip trick still) and it ran fine, no squealing, hdd spun fine.

    Found an old Antec Power supply I used to have in my computer. It didn't provide enough power to my computer/wasn't stable so I replaced it, but I figured it should be fine for testing with his system. We hook it up to his pc, attaching the 24pin cable, the 5v(I think...? the other smaller power cable that attaches to the mobo by cpu), plugged in the pci-e power cord to gpu, and pluged in the power connector to CD drive. Booted the machine, squealing noise WAS STILL THERE, machine shut off still too.

    I also gave the motherboard a visual inspection for blown capacitors, and didn't see any. What could the problem possibly be? I am seriously at a loss. Should I try booting it without Ram? Should I post a pic of the setup so you guys can see it? The only thing I can possibly think of is a short circuit occurring somewhere. I just need to get this figured out.
  9. well if you have done all that then the squeeling must be coming from the motherboard.
  10. Yeah, someone on another site suggested I take the motherboard out of the case and run it on cardboard. I think I'll do that and see what happens.
  11. Yes sounds like the mobo is the prob then, it could be shorting somewhere. You didnt knock a screw accidently on the board did you ?

    My next step would be run the board on cardboard or a box see what happens. If it still does the same I would get a new mobo if i were you
  12. i think you need try on PC in other Case ! just use mother + CPU + Speaker mobo ( if you can hear beep it means OK) Put RAM use 1 Stick only and attach all hardware

    to the smell of burnt memnag motherbaru smells like that ... ordinary fire paint
  13. Okay, another update. After taking the motherboard out and putting it on cardboard I believe that I have somewhat narrowed down the problem.

    First off, I can confirm there are no blown capacitors on the motherboard.

    Second, when the motherboard is sitting on the cardboard, the squealing/ringing sound is still there. To be more specific its like the sound you hear when your ear is ringing. It's coming from the metal block by where the power cable goes into the motherboard. NOT the 24pin connector, the other 8pin, smaller one. I believe what is making the noise is the cooler for the northbridge.

    If the machine is powered on without this power connector plugged in(but with the 24 pin) the noise isn't there. Further more, if you move the temp monitor on the motherboard, the noise changes from loud to softer. So I'm confident it's by there.
  14. So it seems motherboard is bad. Any recommendations on replacement? Microcenter or newegg is preferred.
  15. Really need a suggestion soon for a replacement motherboard, any opinions appreciated.
  16. get AM3 + and get good PSU minimum 80+ bronze recommend brand,
    motherboard Am3+ is the Time .. don't miss it
    ASUS M5A78L-M LX AM3+ AMD 760G Micro ATX AMD Motherboard $59.99

    or ASRock 970 EXTREME4 AM3+ AMD 970 SATA 6Gb/s USB 3.0 ATX AMD Motherboard with UEFI BIOS
  17. Will his current cpu work in an AM3+ motherboard? Thanks for the links btw.
  18. No.. your CPU is Am2+ user DDR2 cannot use in Am3+ and many good brand outoff stock ... and DDR3 very cheap , in above jus sugestion time to upgrade :D

    price mobo Am2+ ( price is crazy ) good brand compare price AM3+ good brand :
    Gigabyte Socket AM2+ GA-MA74GM-S2

    MSI K9A2 Platinum AMD 790FX Phenom Socket AM2+
  19. henydiah said:
    No.. your CPU is Am2+ user DDR2 cannot use in Am3+ and many good brand outoff stock ... and DDR3 very cheap , in above jus sugestion time to upgrade :D

    price mobo Am2+ ( price is crazy ) good brand compare price AM3+ good brand :
    Gigabyte Socket AM2+ GA-MA74GM-S2

    MSI K9A2 Platinum AMD 790FX Phenom Socket AM2+

    Thanks. I'll tell my brother and see what he wants to do. Those prices are pretty high for older motherboards, especially when you can get new am3+ ones for much cheaper.
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