My PC freezes randomly! Unresponsive! i5 2500k!!

I need help with my new PC build. Installation of the OS was fine, no problems. The general putting together of the machine was fine. Installing all my games has been successful. But when it came to playing them, my computer freezes and becomes unresponsive?!

I can play Bejeweled 3 and Runescape and that is it! I experience most problems when attemping to play Minecraft.

Even though I can play Bejeweled and Runescape my computer still restarts from time to time.

Basically, my question is what can I do to resolve this matter! I have tried many things including reseating the CPU, Graphics Card and RAM. I have tried reinstalling drivers for the motherboard. I have checked to see that it is not overheating. This has only happened since I built my new system as well. The system cost me alot of money and this really is a last resort for me.

These are my system specifications:

-Intel i5 2500k @ 3.3ghz
-Biostar Tseries TP67B+
-NVidea GeForce 7300 GS
-Corsair Vengeance 4GB 1600mhz 1.5V
-Samsung spinpoint F3 1TB @ 7200rpm
-Arctic Pro 750W Modular PSU (80 Plus)

One final note: The graphics are terrible, but I can safely say that it can't be what is wrong because this didn't used to happen with my old machine which used the same card.

Any comments, feedback or help would be very much appreciated and thank you very much in advance for all your support!
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  1. Use glary utilities run the one click maintenance....sounds like you might have some bad registry items.
  2. I think that may have been it, I shall do a test. It found 109 registry errors D:
  3. It usually works very well...I use it on all my builds
  4. It didn't work :( Although it has most likely helped something, so thanks
  5. NP..sorry it didn't work...try reinstalling the games and make sure they are up-to date also
  6. Ok, but it's not just games. Even when my PC is installing or basically doing anything
  7. reformat HDD then reinstall OS...Thats what I would do
  8. Ok, I guess I'll have to give that a go when I get my new DVD drive. The one I used to install my OS was a USB one that I borrowed
  9. I hope it works...I think if it doesn't then it is a hardware issue for sure
  10. When you installed it from the external drive it could have messed up your install
  11. Could be, I'll do it internally next time :D Also for some reason I am on 32 bit which I'm sure I didn't do
  12. Which version of Windows did you install? 32-bit or 64-bit...
  13. 32 bit so it says. I thought I installed 64 bit :/ But I don't think that has any effect
  14. no it doesn't have any effect on games or programs does sound like a botched install of the OS
  15. Ok, thanks so much for your help and once I can. I'll reinstall my OS and hope for the best :D Everything you've told me can be put to some use once I do

  16. i have the same ram and cpu as you and my system use to do the same thing until i overclocked the voltage on my ram to 1.65volts..since then no freezes
  17. I have heard that increasing the voltage on this certain RAM helps... I should just do it really :D
  18. Also, changing the voltage of the RAM hasn't helped
  19. You did help me discover that it was a RAM problem! Corsair Vengeance RAM clearly sucks! Can anyone help me with this dilemma? I really can't afford anymore RAM right now
  20. Anyone?
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