Athlon 2 x3 never ldles

Hello, can anyone please help, i have a amd athlon 2 x3 cpu, and up untill a month ago it idled at a lovely 20 degrees, now all of a sudden its constantly at 42 plus and on core temp it shows all cores are constantly under load, sometimes up to 75% and with no applications open or programmes. What could this be?
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  1. Na not prime as i have never installed it on this rig. I have ran disk clean up, full system scan with norton, ccleaner and still the fan goes mad and processor is always doing something, but what its doing is anyones guess.
  2. Ok i have since noticed a message from norton that says 'Warning high memory usage from windows media sharing' or something like that, would is this and how do i stop it?
  3. Finally i done it. I typed in services.msc into search box, selected win media share from list and then disabled it. Job done!!!!

    Thought my rig was gonna blow up before, now its back to idling at 29 and its about 25 ambient.

    Thanks for suggestions!
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