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Palit E-Green 250 GTS

hello there ! :hello:
I have 2 questions :
1) I bought Palit E-green 250GTS Video card (1GB m core 675/1458/900) . has it same performance with a normal (not green) one ? if not how much lower on games ? Is it better than 9800 GTX ?
what about 9800 GTX+ :pfff:
2)On Vtune It has 2D clock set on core clock 300 / Memory clock on 300 and shader clock on 600 in the Safe mode settings(default) . If I change them to 675/1458/900 (E-green normal (on 3D it has it)) Is it safe for my video card ?
Or if I change them to a Not green Video card(738/1836/2200) is it safe ?
Thank u ;)
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  1. 250GTS Green versions would have some reduced performance than the normal one. The power consumption is lower.

    For 2, i cant say coz i have never owned this one. So i cant say if its safe or not. Wait for someone else to reply to that.
  2. 1) normal GTS250 and 9800GTX+ is the same card. they have same clocks. the difference is GTS250 only using 1 6pin pci-e power connector while 9800GTX+ use 2. they have different bios as well so you can SLI the two without modifying the bios. your GTS250 may performa much closer to 9800GTX but 9800GTX have higher shader clock than yours (1600mhz+). you can look at the spec tab from the link below for more detail:

    2) i think it is better to leave that part as it is. the lower clocks in 2d will help your gpu core stay cool if you're not running gpu intensive program. btw i don't think you can overclock your card to normal GTS250 speed. that is the main reason the card have lower clock to begin with and sold as green edition card. of course you can still overclock but just don't expect something grand from it. you'll be lucky if you can pass 700mhz mark
  3. thanks for answers . but Can u tell is it more powerfull than 9800GTX or not ?
    If it isn't then I trow it awaY! :cry:
  4. well if you look at the clocks 9800GTX should be better but i think the performance difference is unnoticeable. if you don't like your card maybe you can return it in exchange for getting better card? (from the same place you buy the card)
  5. But if I set core clock on 738 (Normal 250GTS) will it have same performance with normal one ? or atleast 9800GTX ?
    I mean they just reduce its core clock/memory clock and shader clock ? or they reduce other things( like memory bandwidth,Stream Processors etc.) too ?
    cos If they only downclock it , If I set Clock back to it's normal then it should work like Not green 250 GTS card .
    I can easily set core clock and shader clock like 9800GTX (675/1688)

    and something else :
    Is clocks that important for performance ???
    for example 9800GX2 has 600 MHz/1500 MHz/2000 MHz clocks (less than 9800GTX or 250GTS ) but it is very better than them .
  6. people overclock their card to gain more performance. the GX2 have two gpu inside it so no wonder it has better performance even with lower clock. (just thing about 9800GT in SLI but with lower clock ;) ) i know another guy who own green edition GTS250 as well. what he did was remove the plastic shroud on the heat sink and replace the thermal paste. not sure if he did overvolt (with hardvolt method) his card but the best he can get is around 690mhz. that is why i said it you'll be lucky if your GTS250 able to run stable above 700mhz. btw have you try to game with your card yet?
  7. yes. I have about 20 FPS in crysis on very high sittings (1440*900/no AA).
    I think my CPU is killing it . (E2180 ,and I still don't have enough money for upgrade it to amd phenomII965)

    can someone compare e-green and normal (not green) in FPS ?
    I don't think a normal 250 can give more than 3-4 FPS more than E-green on games .
    maybe not lot difference in FPS . just 2-3 more FPS on normal one .... please tell me thats right ! ;)
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    i can't find direct comparison but i think this is the closest comparison i can find (the green edition GTS250 did have the same core clock as 9800GTX):
  9. Thanks a lot renz496 !
    You helped me lot my friend
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