880GM-LE FX and HD5670 in hybrid crossfire

Before I bought this board, I researched and found an article on WIKI that read the880G chipset can run hybrid crossfire with the HD 5670 card. I already had the graphics card, so when it came time to upgrade I got the 880gm. I have tried many ways to get these 2 to work to no avail. I can get the HD4250 gpu to show in device manager, but the vision engine disables it. I tried the driver that came with the board and it shows having a problem in dev. mgr and doesn't show in the ati app. I spent a whole day configuring and still never got it to work. My Power color hd 5670 is able to do hybrid crossfire.
Any insight on this will be appreciated, Thank You
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  1. I emailed Asrock and their reply was for me to google it. So I guess they have no clue as to how it works and I have given up trying.
  2. Are you running windows 7? My wife has a HIS 5670 and that same 880 LE MoBo and we are going to upgrade to win 7 before i try it. It says in small print on ASRock website that it only works on win 7
  3. Yes Win7 x64. I called AMD tech support and was told that it will not work. The IGP is a 4000 series and my card is 5000. So if it did work, it would revert to the lowest gpu and be useless. He said that it would work if I had a 4000 card. I think it is a marketing thing myself. The 4250 IGP is good by itself if you don't have a graphics card or want it for a HTPC. I am happy getting the PCIE 2.0 on it for my HD 5670, it is working really well on my games.
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