2 build need help- Budget builds.

Hey guys,

I need your help. I got three things to ask.
1. What do you guys think of this build? Price/performance
a. CPU- 179.99 Intel i5 2500k
b. Mob- 149.99 Asrock P67 extreme 4
c. RAM- 35.00 Mushkin 4Gb 1600
d. GPU- 114.99 Zotac GTX 460 1Gb
e. PSU- 109.99 Corsair TX 750
f. HDD- 50.00 Spinpoint F3 1Tb
g. DVD- 19.00 DVD+\- RW DL
h. Case- 139.99 Corsair 900D
2. Need to build 2 computers. The first computer is a Heavy gaming then movies and steaming/surfing. Budget of $700 to $800 max. Do not need: OS, mouse, keyboard and monitor. The monitor res. is 1080. No SLI/xFire (unless you think I should), Overclocking is a maybe but not a priorities
3. The second computer is for mild gaming and HTPC. Budget of $500 to $550. Do not need: OS, mouse, keyboard and monitor. The monitor res. is 1080p. NO SLI/xFire and NO overclocking.

Both builds are for my cousin. I would have love to spend the time hunting for deals but because its fiscal year end at my work and for the next 3 weeks in going to be swapped with work. Plus the auditors will be coming in(stress full times). He will be buying the parts in the next 2 weeks. He would like to order from Canada, Toronto. So there for from :, and

Thank you for all your guys help in advance.
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  1. 1) Good build with room for the second GTX460 down the road.
    2) The one above!
    3) I3 2100 H67 motherboard GTS450/HD5770 (even GT240 or HD5570/5670 would do) or similar, case and PSU
  2. +1 to rolli's HTPC build. But, I must ask. Is that gtx 460 A TRUE gtx 460, or is it a gtx 460 SE? It sounds trivial, but it matters.
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    First build looks good, although Im not a fan of Samsung drives. Have received way too many bricks from them for my taste. Might consider a WD blue or green instead.
  4. rolli59- Thank you. I like the sandy brigde HTPC :) and the case is good to. I got a athlon 2 x4 with a 5770 in a actec 300 myself. LOL and for the first build if i can get the deals i got it would be sweet.

    striker410 - its a true 460 1 gb not the SE. I know its hard to believe with that price i got it at. Got it on Boxing day. It was the last one there
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  6. Sorry the best answer was from Rolli59
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