Experiences with HIS IceQ Cooler, and MSI Twin Frozr Cooler

I would like to see people's experiences with these two non-reference coolers as I am in the market for a video card that is quiet, cool, and durability. (okay maybe not the last one haha) Leaning towards either an MSI GTX 460 with the Twin Frozr non-ref cooler, or the HIS HD 6850 with the IceQ cooler. Please note that my decision will lay on the noise and cooling capability levels not sheer performance of the GPU. (plopping this in a micro-ITX media player/gamebox case)

So yeah, please share any experiences if you may have had with HIS IceQ Cooler or the MSI Twin Frozr Cooler on either how cool they run, how quiet the run, or how durable they are! I'd greatly, GREATLY appreciate it! :hello:
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  1. The Twin Frozr cooler tends to be well liked, i can't say i'm too sure about the HIS one.

    Are you putting it in a micro-atx case or a mini-itx one, please clarify. In smaller cases there are always length restrictions that may mean you can only get a reference design card.
  2. I personally would say the MSI Cooler is both cooler and quieter. the IceQ is pretty good but i think in terms of the build quality and the actual quietness and cooling ability then it has to be the MSI card.
    I had owned a good 4/5 IceQ cards before the MSI cooler came about. Even before it evolved into the actual cooler seen today the MSI heat pipe cooler was always very good.

    Mactronix :)
  3. Yeah those heatpipes I've seen on the Twin Frozr coolers gave me the impression that it's better cooling. Probably leaning towards the MSI option now
  4. The HIS IceQ cooler will blow the heat out from back of the card, which makes your card and other components cooler. But Twin Frozr is good either, so it's your choice, buddy. Both of models are nice. :)
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