Do I really have to get the deluxe?

I am looking at the Panther Point mobos. The P8Z77 Asus ones.

A while ago I ruled out Sli and crossfire. However when trying to decide which of the motherboards that were the best. I couldn't avoid considering the Deluxe. (P8Z77Deluxe).

I already decided to get a 750W Psu, that is Sli and cross capable.
So leaving the door open for future Sli looks real interesting. However the Deluxe mobo is 80% more expensive then a cheaper one Gpu mobo alternative. Such a hard choice!

Any suggestions? Suggestions for a more expensive build or not?
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  1. Well have you looked at the Asrock z68 series?
  2. I wouldn't go Deluxe. I don't need dual LAN.

    If, I'd go Asus P8Z77-V Pro, or even just P8Z77-V (not LX).
  3. Why not LX?
  4. And no I have not looked at the z68.
  5. Here is a very good webpage. It has a table comparing all the Asus P8Z77 series motherboards. Surely you can way out your option there! I did, I'd go for the Pro.

    Asus P8Z77-V Deluxe Motherboard, on
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