ASUS P8Z77-V DELUX or Sabertooth Z77

Crap... I cant seem to make my mind up between these two boards. I was initially waiting for the Sabertooth Z77 but upon taking a closer look the P8Z77-V DELUXE offers a whole lot more features, voltage delivery wise. I intend to do some intensive overclocking on a i5 2500K (nothing extreme since Im sticking to air cooling).
My doubt is basically if the P8Z77-V DELUXE is worth the extra $27, or if I can do the same thing on the Sabertooth Z77 with out having to expend the extra cash.

Here is the list of "extra" features the P8Z77-V Deluxe has that the Sabertooth lacks. (Ive deleted the ones common to both boards ):

- Smart DIGI+ Key- quickly delivers higher VRM frequency, voltage and current for superior CPU/iGPU/DRAM overclocking performance with one switch.
- Smart CPU Power Level (Intel® VRD 12.5 Future Power Design)- provides the best digital power saving conditions.

- Auto Tuning
- TurboV
- GPU Boost
- TPU switch

- EPU switch

ASUS Digital Power Design :
- Industry leading Digital 20 Phase Power Design
(16 -phase for CPU, 4 -phase for iGPU)
- Industry leading Digital 2 Phase DRAM Power Design
- CPU Power Utility
- DRAM Power Utility

ASUS Exclusive Features :
- Ai Charger+
- ASUS SSD Caching
- Network iControl
- USB 3.0 Boost
- Disk Unlocker

ASUS Quiet Thermal Solution :
- Stylish Fanless Design Heat-pipe solution
- ASUS Fan Xpert 2

- ASUS O.C. Tuner
- ASUS CrashFree BIOS 3
- ASUS EZ Flash 2

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  1. Anyone? Someone?
  2. Sabertooth. If youre not going to extreme OC, you don't need 16 phase power from the deluxe. besides, you can easily overclock on a sabertooth. However, some people don't like the colour scheme of the Sabertooth (I love it). Your choice mate, I'd recommend the sabertooth anyday. However, if 27 bucks isn't a big deal to you might as well go all the way for the deluxe.
  3. Does the sabertooth have the wi-fi and other features that that P8Z77-Deluxe or PRO have though?
  4. Nope, Sabertooth doesnt have WiFi but thats not an issue, I have a Wireless N PCIEx card, thats why I took it out of the equation. My issue is basically power (or voltage) delivery. Deluxe has 20 phase for CPU and iGPU plus 2 phase for memory, Sabertooth barely has 16 for all
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