Will this upgrade play Crysis very high WITH ANTI ALIASING

My current setup is an i7 870 paired with a MSI GTX 260 1792mb lightning edition with a 550 W PSU.With my GTX I can play crysis and warhead at high with 16XAA.I cn play very high without anti aliasing.I can play metro 2033 at high in dx 10 No AA.Now if I upgrade to the gtx 460 768mb will I be able to play crysis very high with at least 2XAA?.I cant stand crysis without AA as the jaggies drive me nuts.Also if I upgrade to the gtx 460 will I be able to access very high in dx 10 no AA.I don't mind disabling tesselation and dx11.Thanks for helping in advance :)
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  1. You'll be good for 2x, maybe 4x AA with a 460. Its a LOT more powerful then then the 260 was. Still, I recommend something with more the 768MB of RAM on board, as thats very low for modern gaming...
  2. Exactly my thought. You should buy the 1gb model.
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