How to prevent other user from opening my local disk

hi guys.....

i am using win 7 ultimate my computer i am having two is my account and another account is my brother's to prevent my brother from accessing my local local disk is to prevent my bro from accessing d:

thanks in advance
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  1. Try bitlocker or similar programs to create a virualdrive with password ?
  2. Just set the security settings on the drive to disallow access by that account (that assumes that it is formatted as NTFS).
  3. the admin user can set access/deny privileges on disk access and usage. make sure you retain all privileges as you restrict them for others. otherwise you will lock yourself out of your hdd.
    another way could be encryption - by using bitlocker or truecrypt. however, sometimes encrypted drives appear as unformatted drives, if one formats the drive, all data on that drive will be lost.
  4. Each users space should be protected right? Just leave files in your "my documents" area.

    I think he'll be able to browse to that area, but he won't be able to open any of the files. He might be able to see file names however so if you have "hisgfboobs.jpg" don't be surprised if he's upset....
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