Need Help: Memory Speed & Size Specific Usage

Hi guys,

I don't know that much about the specifics of RAM which is why I'm coming here to ask you guys what has the biggest impact on overall performance; size of ram or speed.

The reason I'm asking you guys is because I'm working as a Fixed Income Trader for a Hedge Fund (the whole set up with 8-12 screens and sh*t) and they have me running algorithms on several different markets at the same time.. At any given time, my computer has about 60-80 different windows opened; most of them have rather heavy calculations to do constantly as markets move..

My question is, given those circumstances, which is more important to secure faster performance? More RAM size or faster RAM? I'm currently running on 16GB 1600MHZ RAM but I'm getting some slowdowns on certain orders (repricing calculations) sometimes and I was wondering if that would be linked to RAM problem. Would that be improved with faster ram? or more ram?

I'm trying to not spend that much money for no reason, which is why I don't want to go balls out with 64GB 2400MHZ which is going to cost me a mint and not sure if it would make that much of a difference.

I don't understand perfectly what's the difference between ram size and ram speed and how it would influence my particular situation with trading platforms requiring so much juice (many windows opened at same time and tons of non-stop calculations)

Thank's a lot!

Best regards
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  1. Might be your cpu.
  2. Stupid Username said:
    Might be your cpu.

    Doubt it, running a 2600K
  3. Well check if your cpu usage is high (90-100) If it is a overclock might help. For ram check and see if its all being used from task manager. If not a lot of its being used then you need faster ram. If a lot is being used get more ram. Video card possibly? How much vram do you have?
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