Quadro fx 580 vs Firepro 4800 vs Gaming GPU

Hi Everyone,

I know that there have been threads of this sort before, but nothing really up to date, or answering my particular question. So please don't slam my first post.

I have spent the last month sorting out a SB rig (2600k and P8P67-deluxe) for day trading. Have been trading (reasonably successfully) for 18 months now, so I know what I need out of my CPU, MOBO and memory. But I have never bought a specific GPU before. I would like to run two 21.5 inch screens (leads don't matter so much as they take both display port and DVI).

Would I have any benefit from running a specific 'precision' GPU over the basic gaming GPU i have been using. The quadro, NVS and Firepro seem to be the three main types of 'precision'/workstation GPUs.

If so, which would you recommend? I don't have a budget per-se, but only spend what is justifiable and worthwhile.

I have picked the 580 and 4800 mainly because I run two screens off my main computer and one off of a laptop which is simply a news feed on the wall-monitor. I don't know if these are the best value for money or not.

Many thanks in advance.

Jack Chambers
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  1. Also, does anyone have any experience of Nview? I think this may really help dividing up screen space.
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