Can an asrock extreme3 gen3 support a noctua heatsink ?

hello i'm planning on buying a heatsink, and noctua seems like my best bet but i have an ASrock extreme3 gen3 motherboard with a 1155 lga socket and i wen to the noctua website to look up the heatsink and i found the noctua NH-U9B SE2, it's says on the site that it supports lga 1155 but when i go to newegg they say it only supports 1156/1336/775, does anybody know if this heatsink supports 1155 socket or if they have experience with it please inform me.

if you need more details hear is the link to the heatsink, the details from new egg and the details straight from the noctua website
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  1. 1156 is the same as 1155 in terms of backplate sockets etc. Just make sure you have low profile Ram like G skill or corsair vengeance low profile if its a huge heatsink that may need clearance.
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