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GT240 vs GT430

Hi all, Can i know what is the best from these two cards? GT240 DDR3 or GT 430 DDR3?
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    GeForce GT 240 778 115
    GeForce GT 430 701 136

    GT 240 looks to have slightly higher speeds.
  2. They're both terrible, but the GT240 has the edge as the GT430 was created to replace the GT220. The ironic thing is that the GT220 still attains greater frame-rates during games!
  3. Thanks.. is there a big difference between them?
  4. lakshitharxx said:
    Thanks.. is there a big difference between them?

    I posted the results of the PassMark benchmark, looks like the 240 is 10% faster. Neither of those is good for gaming, as you can tell by their overall ranking among video card models of 115th and 136th.
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  6. Do you want to buy a card or just want to compare them?
    If you want to buy a card then just give us your FULL specs including budget, we will suggest you a proper card for your need... :)
  7. I have a GT430.. I was comparing because one of friends got GT240.. We both want to play crysis 2 but i already know none of us can't play with even all medium settings.. So i wanted to check that is there any difference in performance..
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