2500k low ping trading build

Hi all,

i hv recently build a i5 2500k for day trading and its currently running at 4 Ghz. i would like to improve my connection/ping/latency between the comp and the quote server. Every millisecond counts.

i m not familiar with networking, and i dunno if adding a network card would help ? if yes, how should i choose ? what are the key features i should look at ? i see the visiontek killer 2100 is on sale roughly $60, is that good for day trading or is it just for gaming ?

Will dual connection help?

if i OC more, will i get lower ping ?

i hv absolutely no clue.

Thankyou in advance.
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  1. Ping is usually all related to your internet connection. The best way to fix ping is a simple one: Up your internet plan. It sounds stupid, but that's the truth since most ISP's limit your connection, and want you to pay more for better speeds/less latency. If it gets down to the nitty gritty, can you list your motherboard? Make sure it has gigabit ethernet.
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