A785GM-LE motherboard faulty?

I just recently purchased an ASRock A785GM-LE motherboard because it seemed when my psu blew up some components of my old motherboard were fried as well. I also purchased a ABT-750MM power supply. The problem is the power supply isn't working with this motherboard, but I have an older computer which I use to test out parts, and the power supply works in that computer. Also, the only thing that seems to work in this computer is the power button (from the case) lights up blue (Xclio Godspeed case). Is the motherboard or power supply faulty?
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  1. I have confirmed that the power supply does work, in a different computer. I am just trying to get closure here to see if the 24 pin connector was DoA? I already have a RMA approved, so I will probably be getting a replacement. I just want to know, if it might be a compatibility issue or something else?
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