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Hello! i have an amd athlon ii x4 635 2.9ghz and plan on messing with the over clock, 650hx corsair mod psu, What would be the best bang for my buck video card? can crossfire on my mobo as well if needed ;)
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  1. That PSU is good, but not enough for a crossfire.

    Try a 6870 or 6950 if you fancy stretching your budget. It depends on your monitor resolution though.
  2. HD 1080p 42" would be the res im guessing 1900x1080? kind of new at this thanks for the reply, will look at the 750/850 psu's.
  3. There is no need to crossfire at 1080. A single 6950/6970 will be more than enough for your needs, on the Nvidia side a GTX 560 or 570 if you want to push the boat.

    Honestly, unless you're going to be using more than one screen or are using a monitor at a resolution of, say, 1600p then think about crossfiring but otherwise there is no need.
  4. Ok awesome, trying to do this without spending the bank, the cpu would do good with any of those cards? thanks for your time!!
  5. Yeah, get an after market heat sink for your CPU and over clock it to minimise the risk of your CPU holding your system back in games.

    The GTX 560 / 6950 will be the best for you I would say.
  6. google searches kept bringing me to these forums, glad i took the time to post. thanks griff!
  7. Haha no problem, people are always around to help.
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