Is this power supply mounted correctly?

I just purchased a new PC with a non labelled case and my question is about the power supply. The power supply is a Kingwin MK-650W 650W ATX. I notice that the power supply has grill near power switch (rear) and a top mounted fan. However, the case does not have a grill on top at all for air intake. please help me understand how this works. The computer store said this was fine. my logic tells me that the fan is useless in this set up. Did they mount the power supply upside down
or did they give me the wrong case?
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  1. You will notice that the mounting screws for a power supply are not symetrical, on cases with the PSU mounted in the top the screw orientation will force you to point the fan downwards into the case, on bottom mounted cases that have a vent in the bottom for the PSU there is often a second set of screws to allow you to mount it facing either direction.
  2. Hmmmm....I wonder how they did this.

    yes the screws are off set but the fan is definitely pointing to the top of the case and right against the top of the case. there are other holes as well that have not been used. looks like I need to go back and complain. The only reason I noticed this is that the case has 2 clear panel inserts. one on top and on on side.

    thanks for the help. I appreciate it.
  3. thanks to all who have chimed in. Yes, it was mounted incorrectly. the power supply fan should have been point inward (bottom fan). the idiots put another in the case so it would fit.

    problem solved.

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