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I'm getting very frustrated with the PCI-e wireless adapter I got for my new build, specifically the ASUS PCE-N13, which I got because of all the great reviews and also the D-Link I tried before it reminded me of the dial up days.. However both of these cards are giving me maybe a TENTH of the speed as that of my girlfriend's laptop. Downloading MSI driver for my new 560ti, about 20 kb/s on the desktop.. on the laptop, about 600 kb/s.. Ok so it's actually slower than a tenth of the laptop's speed. 60 kb/s is the fastest I have ever seen the speeds on this card reach....
I'm not ready to give up on this card because I have faith in their products and I just refuse to not have wireless on this machine. I'm very experienced with wireless networks as far as routers go but I've never had to configure a wireless adapter, and i'm convinced this is what will make the difference, as I've seen others comment on configuring their cards. Problem is I'm not sure where to access any of these settings or which ones I should even be looking for. Unfortuantely the utility that installed along with the ASUS drivers isn't working, says wireless card not found.
Someone please tell me what I should do here
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  1. It sounds like you have Win7-64. Go to Asus's site and download the updated drivers and utilities.
  2. Thanks for the tip on the drivers, not sure why I didn't think about that.. I downloaded the newest driver, issued 4/19/11 version, and my connection is still crawling... What am I doing wrong???
  3. Downloading BitLord right now straight from their website @ 32kb/s.. Reminds me of the dialup days.....
  4. Yeah but when we had dial up, it felt special
  5. I've had the same issue- my laptop transfers files about 10 times faster than my desktop with wifi USB adapter. The connection speed reported in the network connection are more similar.
  6. This sucks this wireless connection is so obnoxious but what's even more obnoxious is no one here can offer me a solution..
    I've seen this card on other very high end builds and from what I've read on some of these forums some of you would even recommend this card to be used for gaming so can we try and figure out what's going to make the difference??
  7. I thought this was the place to come to get answers for problems such as this.. I don't get it over 200 views to this thread and no one can offer me a solution??? Obviously I'm not the only one out there having this issue and I know somebody must have the answer.. Is it the type of security I might be using (had PSK2 AES+TKIP, just switched to PSK AES)? Is it that the NIC doesn't work well with my motherboard (ASUS P8Z68-V)??
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