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Hi all u Tech Gurus, what would be the best vidio card i can upgrade to so i can play the latest games like BBC2 n COD/Black Ops? Also probably need to upgrade my power supply? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Dell Demension 9200
OS Windows XP Professional 32 bit SP3
CPU Intel Pentium D duel core 2.80GHz Ram 4 gb DDR2 Motherboard Dell OWG855 Chipset model P965/G965 Power supply 375w Still waiting on some advice. Please help
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  1. What is your monitor resolution?
  2. Right now set at 1366x768
  3. i recommand gtx 460 can play those games on high with that resolution but you should upgrade your cpu as well because it will cause bottelnecks.
  4. both the gtx 460 and also the ATI 6850 are both great cards. The nvidia has an advantage on the two games you mentioned.
  5. First get the measurements on your power supply and get a good 80+ 500watt power supply. You can then get a GTX460 for now but as the above poster says you will eventually bottle neck with that cpu.
    Eventually you will want a newer system like a sandy bridge build. With already having a good power supply and video card at least you would be part way through a better build. If you plan on Sli in the future and you have the money now you could go higher on the power supply. What is your budget now for the upgrade that will help you get a better answer.
    Also is that resolution limited per your system now or your monitor. I would think you want to play at a higher res than that if not your call.
  6. cooler master gx series 550 w is also a good power supply and gtx 460 will work with it fine, but to run that card smoothly you will need a core 2 quad or core i 5 processor
  7. Looking to spend around 300 to 350 on upgrade. Ideas on vidio card, gpu, and psu would be greatly appreciated.
  8. First as I said get the size of your power supply dimensionally to make sure we can find one to fit your case.
    If that would fit would be nice and still leaves you a lot of room in your budget for a video card.
    The issue is finding a power supply that will fit your case.
  9. From a quick google I found 1 site that a guy said quote.
    thermal take 750watt psu fit fine.
    But thats all he said so take it with a grain of salt
  10. Thank you for the replies. I will check the deminsions n post. My case is pretty big so dont think will be problem. also, is there a difference between PCIex16 and PCIe x2.0x16. mine is pci e x16. Would this be a problem? Seems most cards are 2.0 x 16 anymore. My processor has never been oc, would this help? Like i said, Im not very computer smart so thanks again.
  11. dells are sort of hard to over clock as they limit their bios settings. Most cards are backwards compatable a gtx 460 should be fine.
  12. Ok guys, tell me if this will work with my system. Intel core 2 quad Q8400 2.66ghz Corsair CMPSU-750TX-750W Twin Frozr II SOC GTX460 MSI. Thanks for all advice and replies. Couldnt do this without you guys.
  13. The maximim Core 2 Duo for the Dim 9200/XPS 410 is the E6700. The maximum Core 2 Quad is the Q6700. None of the E8XXX or E7XXX processors are compatible because of the motherboards voltage and BIOS.
    The power supply if its the same size should work (physical size)
    And the GTX is fine also.
    I dont have your system so I can't promise the psu will fit but if you measured it
    I hope there is no issue. but then like I said I can't promise it would fit.
  14. How do i look at the motherboards voltage specs. What processor would u recommend to run the GTX460?
  15. Well if you can find a Q6700 I would go with that but it will probably be a little expensive.
    You could go with the E6700 it would help also. I would get the Q6700 if you can afford it but your chipset is really getting a little aged and you really should be thinking about if the cost is worth it.
    You may really just want to try and get by for now and plan on a system upgrade if you can afford it.
    I mean What your wanting to do is fine but your going to hit a wall soon.
    I am not sure, you can go to dell and search for your system specs. But finding specs on dell motherboards is sort of hard sometimes. Real indepth specs.
    In the end its up to you.
    Ebay prices on a Q6700 are all over the place from 150.00 to around 250.00
  16. I have an e6750 on a 680i based system with a GTX285 and I can run the games you say but not maxxed out.
    All I am trying to say is you really need to look hard at this upgrade vrses saving for say a sandy bridge system. Or at least a case, cpu, memory upgrade anf probably the hdds and vid card.

    for this build through cyberpower it would be about 1050.00
    I am just using it to list parts you can order them from newegg and amazon and get some parts cheaper.
    You can swap different parts in to suit your needs a little better.
    In the end it all depends on your budget and what you really want to do personally.
    this is just an option I am throwing out there.
    IF you decided to get a vid card, a power supply and an new processor
    Your looking at a little over $300.00 shipped any way.

    •*BASE_PRICE: [+1245]
    •BLUETOOTH: None
    •CARE1: Ultra Enhanced Packaging Solution - Protect Your Dream System During Transit [+19]
    •CAS: * Azza Solano 1000 Full-Tower Advance Cooling Case w/ Dual 230mm Fan + Extra 3 Fans [+19]
    •CD: 24X Double Layer Dual Format DVD+-R/+-RW + CD-R/RW Drive (BLACK COLOR)
    •CD2: None
    •CPU: Intel® Core™ i5-2500K 3.30 GHz 6M Intel Smart Cache LGA1155 (All Venom OC Certified) [-110]
    •CS_FAN: Maximum 120MM Case Cooling Fans for your selected case [+9]
    •FA_HDD: None
    •FAN: CoolerMaster V6 GT CPU Cooler (Nickle Plated Double-V Heatpipe w/ Color Changing LED Cap) [+22]
    •FLASHMEDIA: INTERNAL 12in1 Flash Media Reader/Writer (BLACK COLOR)
    •GLASSES: None
    •HDD: 500GB SATA-II 3.0Gb/s 16MB Cache 7200RPM HDD [-68] (Single Hard Drive)
    •HDD2: None
    •IEEE_CARD: None
    •KEYBOARD: (Keyboard & Mouse Combo) Logitech MK200 USB Keyboard & Mouse Combo [+16]
    •MB_ADDON: None
    •MEMORY: 4GB (2GBx2) DDR3/1600MHz Dual Channel Memory Module [-64] (Kingston HyperX)
    •MONITOR: None
    •MONITOR2: None
    •MONITOR3: None
    •MOTHERBOARD: * [CrossFireX] GigaByte GA-P67A-UD3-B3 Intel P67 Chipset DDR3 ATX Mainboard w/ 7.1 HD Audio, GbLAN, USB3.0, 2x SATA-III RAID, 2 Gen2 PCIe, 3 PCIe X1 & 2 PCI [B3 Stepping]
    •MOUSE: XtremeGear Optical USB 3 Buttons Gaming Mouse
    •MULTIVIEW: Non-SLI/Non-CrossFireX Mode Supports Multiple Monitors
    •NCSW: None
    •NETWORK: Onboard Gigabit LAN Network
    •OS: Microsoft® Windows® 7 Home Premium (64-bit Edition)
    •OVERCLOCK: No Overclocking
    •POWERSUPPLY: * 750 Watts - Corsair CMPSU-750TX 80 Plus Power Supply - Quad SLI Ready [+73]
    •RUSH: 5% Instant Rebate for Non-Rush Delivery Order over $999 - Ships within 3 Weeks - Must Enter Coupon Code "NORUSH" during checkout
    •SPEAKERS: None
    •TEMP: None
    •TVRC: None
    •USB: Built-in USB 2.0 Ports
    •USBFLASH: None
    •USBHD: None
    •USBX: None
    •VC_PHYSX: None
    •VIDEO: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 460 1GB 16X PCIe Video Card [-70] (Major Brand Powered by NVIDIA)
    •VIDEO2: None
    •VIDEO3: None
    •WNC: None
    •_PRICE: (+1091)
    •_view_: d
  17. Ok guys, last time. What about i use the 750 watt power supply and 9800 gt? Will this cause bottlenecks with my Intel pentium D duel core 2.8ghz cpu?
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    You should be alright with that combo. The power supply will give you a lot of head room or be good if you decide on a system upgrade in the future. That way you already have a good power supply.
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