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AMD Athlon 64 x2 4400+ upgrade...Need help real quick


I currently have an AMD Athlon 64 x2 4400+ socket AM2
Core speed 2300 Mhz.My mainboard is:
Asus M2N MX-SE

On looking at possible replacements to get some faster speed, I am a little confused (and inexperienced).
I'm generally happy with the computer.I use it only for accessing the net and entertainment purposes.I don't want to go and buy a new computer.

AMD's website has potential replacements quite cheap. A 2.9 Athlon 5600+ for around $50 doesn't look bad. I know it's not a huge increase but relatively cheap and may keep me going for a couple of years.
Having said that, I'll take any advice on replacing.
Do I have to stick to an AM2 socket?
If I want to change my mobo later can I fit the 5600+ in a am2+ socket?
Are there any am2+ mobo priced within 50$ in which I can fit the 5600+

If a new cpu would drop in as a replacement, what else do I need to look at?
I have no experience in bios upgrading and could mess things up, but I'd look at that with some help.
Anyway, hope I've given enough info and any advice appreciated.
Take Care.
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    The 5600+ will work in any AM2/AM2+ mobo. That wont be a problem. The problem will be getting a AM2+ mobo. At my work we don't have many left. In fact we only have one. Most are AM3 mobos.

    Honestly I would save the $50 and save up for a new setup. The 5600+ wont give you enough of a boost to justify it. Only a completley new system would. Even you going to a Llano system, the A8 series of CPUs, would be worth it and they are pretty cheap.
  2. just upgrade the lot, motherboard cpu and ram. you can get a motherboard for $50, faster athlon 2 cpu for $50, 4gb ram for $25.
  3. I am somewhat curious about the rest of the setup. There are a few scenarios where an upgrade might make sense.

    However, there comes a point in time where a system is so far behind the curve that the cost and difficulty of an upgrade makes upgrading the whole package the only option that makes any sense. And it appears to me that your setup has reached that point in its life cycle.

    In short, the previous posters are correct.
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  5. Thanx a lot for the replies guys...I guess its time to upgrade
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