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[Help]New Motherboard for Ivy Bridge

First time looking for a motherboard but confused from all the different types of Z77 out there from each manufacturer.
Does the boards that cost more perform better or are you just paying for the extra usb/sata ports, etc?

This mobo will be for the Ivy Bridge.
I won't be running SLI/Crossfire, so I only need 1 slot for the GPU (HD 6870)
UEFI BIOs is a plus and overclocking will be done.
Extra features are nice but im on a tight budget which is under $200.

Saw this one on sale that comes with memory.
Would this be good for me?

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  1. Yes it would be a good board for you if you don't plan on heavy hardware. HyperX ram is alright I guess, I would go for G skill/Vengeance, however since you are on a budget that should be perfect for your needs.
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