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Prevent anyone from using my Wireless DSL connecti

Last response: in Wireless Networking
January 18, 2005 2:25:50 PM

Thanks for all the input from my other post. Just for those who may not know what happen. Here is my DSL setup. I have a SMC wire rounter and a wireless rounter, I chose to connect the DSL to the wire rounter and disable the DHCP on my wireless rounter to make it like a hub. And everything work fine now. Thanks to all of your input.

I have another question for you now. I think I turn on
the firewall on both of the rounter already. How would
I know if it is working or not?

Do I need to have the firewall on both wire/wireless
rounters turn on?

Should I turn on the firewall on Windows XP as well?

Sorry one more question. How do I prevent anyone from
the outside from using my Internet Service thru my
wireless rounter?

January 20, 2005 1:51:24 PM

You just need one firewall turn on for all the connection. Since all your Internet connection will pass through the wired router you just need its firewall enabled. Any other firewall would be redundancy and not really usefull. Thus, no need to enable the wireless router firewall and the WinXP firewall.

The easiest way is to enable WEP encryption on the wireless router. This should prevent easy access to your network.

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