GTX 460 or GTX 560 Ti....What manufacturer?

Hi guys.

After a few months saving money to change my GPU, now i'm ready to get a new one.

Now the main question is:

GTX 460 or GTX 560 Ti. I can afford any of those I just one the best option for the price, I think that is the GTX 560 Ti, but I want confirmation before go with it.

Which brand? I have my eyes in the ASUS GTX 560 Ti DiretCUII, but the EVGA also looks good, more with the lifetime warranty.

You also can suggest another options.

What do you think?

You can see my specs in my profile.
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  1. I'm sure you are okay with overclocking yourself, but if you can find the Gigabyte GTX560 SOC @ 1000 mhz core clock, that was king of the hill for about three weeks when it was available. Besides being fast, it is also the quietest. The Sparkle GTX560 Calibre also comes at 1000 mhz and has a nice Arctic Cooling heatsink. 1000 mhz is more than most reviewers have been able to overclock the other 560's on stock voltage. Other than those, I would go for the MSI Twin Frozr II, which is putting up amazing temperature numbers.
  2. Quote:
    MSI 560 currently holds the title with highest overclock at 1070 core

    Off topic, psycho, but did you see this Asus GTX580 DirectCU in SLI review:

    Back on topic, it's always difficult to compare overclocks due to sample variances. I'm sure that 1070 for the MSI was with max voltage increases. Guru3d was able to get the Gigabyte SOC up to 1044 on stock voltage. With stock voltage, they only got the MSI Twin Frozr up to 974 mhz, although it still remained below 60c at that speed.

    The Sparkle Calibre is also clocked at 1000 mhz, but in addition, has the highest clocked memory as well. I know you can always overclock yourself, but the reason these cards are so hard to find is that they are only using the best of the best chips and so are very rare and hard to produce.
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