X58 for an OCer gaming rig? Samsung led for monitor?

Ok I want to build my first gaming computer, well the last computer I built was in 2003ish so its been awhile. Everyone keeps saying go with the p67 for upgradability, and performance because of the SB 2600k. But I'm thinking the LGA 1155 is at its peak. As in the next OCer processors going to be a 6-core once they get true multi threading? Meaning the x58 has a future and I really want to go with the x58a-oc motherboard and once we start seeing even faster 6-cores it'll be the board to use. Besides whats wrong with going 990x or even just gulfs' 4quad till the improve the 6core or drop the price?

My second question is can I build a setup for 2,000 capable of playing games on my 47inch samsung led? Will the games even support this? saturation? slow fps? If its possible what build am i looking at?

If you guys have any suggestions I've got 2k for cpu, graphic card, motherboard, memory, harddrive, soundcard, box, cooling system... I'll buy mouse, speaking, keyboard...etc separate from build. If i have to I could go a little higher
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  1. The X58 is getting replaced later this year with X68 and new socket so do not expect new CPU's for LGA1366!
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    Spending $1000 for a cpu only in a dead end socket mb (1366) only to have it's performance equaled in games by a $230 i5-2500k.... PRICELESS :)
    (I would not ponder the 6/8 core cpus until they at least at least catch up with quad cores in gaming performance)

    WHat is the resolution of your 47" LED? If merely 1080P, pretty much any $1000
    rig (i5-2400/P67/6950 can game well on it.
  3. Thanks, I dont get why gigabyte would come out with a new 1366 mb if it truly is a dead end socket
  4. Its LED
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