Would this be worth getting?

I found this deal on newegg: Click here and I was wondering if it would be worth getting to upgrade these specs:

Motherboard: Asus P5N73-AM (Supports ddr2 RAM)
Processor: Intel dual core 2.5 ghz
Memory: 1, 2 gigabyte stick of DDR2 RAM

Here is the case: (I already did measurements and it will fit.)

Please note, this is not my picture, just the same case.

Another being

Also, i'm open to any other suggestions on what may be a better "bang for your buck"

Thanks ahead of time
- Valestrom
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    Ugh you're from Canada, so shipping sucks. That isn't bad but it would force you to upgrade again. I would get the Phenom II x4 955 along with a AM3+ motherboard which can be found for $60-100. The one near $60 are like older generation around 760-880. I recommend getting at least 970. That way you can upgrade to bulldozer when the time comes. Do note you may want to upgrade your PSU too by then. I don't know which one you have. If you have no plans to upgrade or just want to use something now. That isn't bad but see if there's any intel combos :P
  2. Well I decided the best way to go, and the cheapest, would be to go to my local computer store here in calgary. I could get like a 880 or 890 motherboard 8 gigs of ram and a quad core 3.1 for less than on newegg, plus no shipping. Thanks for the help anyway wintermint!
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