Lights on, fans on, won't post.

hi there,

i have just finished building a comp for the first time with the following parts:

asus crosshairiv formula
amd x6 1090T
Extra value 4gb 1866 ram (might be problem)
sapphire ati 5770 graphics
casecom extravalue mid tower case with temp readouts

first problem: cant get the onboard speaker to beep at me when i turn on. i have tried reversing the polarity and read through the manual for any other speaker connections but no joy.

second problem: the dram led light stays lit when i turn on the computer i suspect after reading the asus compatibility list that this was a problem as it was not listed so i have invested in Giel ddr3 2000C9 which is on the list.

Third problem: after about 5 attempts at booting trying the RAM in diff slots and pressing memok, did not work and now the Cpu led flashes as well as the RAM :(
but the light for the southbridge chipset lights up every 2 sec?
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  1. update: taken RAM out = lots of beeps.
    silence when i put RAM back in
  2. Reset the CMOS and try again. You might have a BIOS corruption from all of the tries and the on/offs and different RAM configurations
  3. i have tried it a couple of times, pressing the CLR_CMOS each time but the same happens.

    the asus website says it fully supports the cpu as the cpu led flashes too. i downloaded the latest bios for the crosshair m/b prior to the build but i am unsure on how to run the Crash free bios 3 i have been hearing about. there are a few suggestions on other forums that link the flashing cpu led to the Ram light that stays lit, claiming the cpu has an error because the ram won't work???
  4. (1) hold off until you get the replacement RAM.
    When you get that new ram, just put one stick in to verify that you can boot to bios. If you can then using a memtest86 Boot CD. Boot to the CD and run memtest for Min of 4 Hours. Then if your bios is not the lastest, update bios to lastest ver.

    Not a AMD user, but amd does seem more "picky" on Ram, also not sure but probably not much advantage going higher than DDR3-1600.
  5. the only reason i've selected the Giel ram is because its on the garunteed compatability list for the motherboard and six core processor. but i do agree with you, just dont want to run into anymore problems. to be honest all of the ram on the list is at least 1866 anyway, which i initially thought was because of the overclocking capabilities of the cpu?
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