Pc comes on for 0.5 sec and shuts down

I have a pc with a Asus P5K deluxe motherboard and quad core processor.

This pc have been running for quite some time, without trouble. One day I came into the computer room, it had shut itselfe down. When I tried powering up again it would only power up for roughly 0.5 sec before shutting down again.

I suspected the PSU - but after checking further it seem to be getting power to MB and I'm more unsure if it's to blame - the PSU is a Gigabyte Odin.

I'v pretty much disconnected most things that draw current - still no avail.

Also tried clearing the CMOS to no avail.

Any idea what might cause a pc to not start at all (there is a small movement on the PSU fan before it shuts itselfe down). Anything to check.

There is ofcourse no "biip" errors as it doesn't go into boot sequence.


Sometimes it seem to take the fuse to the room - but this is only when I plug it into the outlet with the power switch on the PSU switched to "on" - and it only happens sometimes, not all the time.
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  1. It's shorting the fuse to the room? To me this could still point to a PSU problem. Do you have a UPS?
  2. it's only shorting it when the PSU is hooked up to the MB - and normaly only if one put the power cord into the outlet with the switch on the PSU in the "on" position.

    If it's in the off position and then turned on after one hooks it up to the wall it seem fine.

    And it doesn't seem to take the fuse every time - even if the switch is "on"...

    I'm also thinkg of the PSU - but not sure how I could check it - don't have a UPS.
  3. So when it's not plugged into the MB the PSU turns on OK, is that what you are saying? It powers all the drives?

    I'm not an electrical person, but there are two ways to test:

    1) Have a (very brave) friend let you try your PSU on their system - ABSOLUTELY NOT RECOMMENDED


    2) Have a (very good) friend let you try their PSU on your motherboard and see if you can boot up with that.

    I've had several PSUs die on me and they never died alone: they took the motherboard, CPU, and RAM both times. In short you could have a PSU problem, but I hate to say your whole system could be shot... but let's think positive!
  4. yea - will have to check it out with another PSU.

    hard to test the PSU against other stuff as it have to be hooked up to the MB - or some of the pins can be "jumped" I guess to make it think it's connected.

    Anyway thanks for reply!.
  5. No problem; like I said I'm not an electrical guru, but I've built a four systems, had several die due to electrical surges (for various reasons) and I've gotten good at troubleshooting problems with my and a number of my buddies computers. Back in college it was great because there was 6-7 people at anytime who I could swap parts with and test this that and the other, but even now I have people who will help.

    Let us know how it goes.
  6. yea - built quite a bit of systems myselfe - but this is just a weired problem, so I'm looking for input.....lol...:)
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