Geforce 470 or 560?...

looking to upgrade with a budget of $250ish.

currently using a gigabyte geforce 460. i got it about 8 months ago for $220, which was one of the cheapest 460s at the time.

looked at the 470 and 560 now. considering their pricing is about the same, is one any better than the other. i saw the 470 scored slightly higher than the 560. but the 560 is a new card. does it run cooler or anything like that? the 470 has higher Stream Processors, but the 560 has better clock/shader speeds...

I am a 3d animator and my current machine runs everything for max/maya fine. unless im rendering of course. I also play a lot of Pc games and recent got Rift. I cant go and higher than "high" settings before the FPS starts to drop under 30...

is it even really worth upgrading to either of these cards from what i currently have? or should i be shooting for something higher end considering im using a 460?

also have 8g of ram and phenom black x2.
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  1. if you can get them for the same price i think it is better to get GTX560. here are the comparison between the card in crysis warhead (there are GTX460 in chart as well):

    overall GTX560 is a bit faster than GTX470 while being much cooler and use lesser power.
  2. They are about the same performance-wise, but the 560 is cooler and quieter. Now, if you could get a really nice Gigabyte GTX 470 Superoverclock, then that would be worth considering over a GTX 560 Ti.
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