Windows 7 crash with new cpu

i have just updated my computer cpu and mobo from core2 9650 to amd phenom x6 1055 and 990fx board wen i put it all togerther it boots fine but blue screens half way through loading windows ,do i have to re install windows
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  1. You can try to boot in safe mode and allowing the OS to load the new drivers for the motherboard.

    Basically you are changing an awful lot of the underlying hardware that the OS needs to use, SATA controllers, sound card, usb controllers etc. The drivers that exist to talk to that hardware are the wrong ones for that chipset.

    If it does boot into safe mode using "generic" drivers it should automatically detect what is necessary to run the machine, but you can't be sure that it can even boot in safe mode.

    Good Luck!
  2. New CPU + MOBO = reinstall of windows. Simple as that.

    Think of it like changing the engin on your car from petrol to deisel without changing the fuel .....

    Back it up, wipe it and do things properly.
  3. +1, everytime you change your mobo you need to do a clean install of an OS otherwise it will blue screen when loading OS
  4. Yes you at minimum have to repair install windows and full install is recommended. Your new hardware is trying to run on the drivers from the old hardware!
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    Windows 7 crash with new cpu
  6. do a fresh install seriously dont carry across an old install
  7. Run a Ubuntu live CD just to see if all your hardware works. I'm sure it will. Or install Ubuntu on a partition if you don't want to re install windows first. But yeah, just re-installing windows with correct drivers is the way to go.
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