Inspirion 531s slim line.

what mid price graphics card will fit my slim tower? i recently bought a radeon hd5570 graphics card and to my surprise its too big. please help me. i want a mid- top of the line card that fit. system is a dell inspirion 531s amd 64 athlon*2 vista. thanks
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  1. ok thank you
  2. cts choices are quite well also, like he said, u need a low profile card that fit in a dell

    slimline pc case, and also that low power usage since ur dell has a 250 watt powersupply
  3. cheers
  4. i ordered a 5570, but didnt realize it wasnt low profile,i thought it was, this is my first time i ever replaced anything on my computer so i guess i messed up on ordering. the card comes with brackets but to me it dont fit, maybe it do, maybe its just me. oh well ill take the case off later im tired from work.
  5. ok, let us know how it went :)
  6. If it came with low profile brackets then it should work -- you have to remove the bracket that is on the card by removing the screws that hold the plugs onto the card - remove the bracket and replace with the low profile bracket and tighten the plug screws back up. You will need to decide which connector you will be using fr your monitor and use the low profile bracket that has that connector.
  7. another silly question from a complete novice,, so is there a regular size 5570 card and a low profile card too? im new at this please understand.
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