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H55m-s2v memory problem

i have an i3 550 @ 3.2 stock in a gigabyte h55m-s2v. currently running 4gb of patriot sector 5 1333 (2x2gb). Im trying to upgrade to the board max of 16gb. When I add 16gb (2x8gb) I simply cannot boot into windows (it hangs at the glowy window part). Ive tried 2 sets of ddr3 1600 (corsair) and now I've got a pair of 1333 patriot (2x8gb). am I on a third set of defective ram??? or is the board not capable of this amount of ram even though gigabyte's site says it is...

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    Have you installed the latest BIOS version? Gigabyte BIOS upgrades usually allow for better CPU and RAM compatibility with the BIOS upgrades. Thay also say that the RAM slots can take up to 16GB RAM so 2x8GB should work. I have a Gigabyte H55 mobo myself and have installed 4x2GB Corsair XMS @1600MHz and thay work fine.
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