Coolermaster GX 750W ok for this rig?

Hi all, I bought the HAF X case and it came bundled with the CM GX 750W psu.

My system specs:

I5 2500K @ 4.6ghz
asus p8p67-m pro
corsair vengance 8gb ddr3 1600 2 x 4gb
2 x amd 6950 xfire flashed to 6970 bios
antec kuhler 620
CM GX 750W psu
1 ssd
1 sata hd
1 disk drive
5 fans

I was wondering if the psu is ok to power the system, have not had any problems with it up to now, however when like loading a graphics benchmark with fans at 100% you can hear a dip in speed when load is applied and when exiting the benchmark they return to normal sound. Not sure if this is normal?

Cheers :bounce:
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  1. Happen to know the exact model number of the GX 750 you have? The RS-750-ACAA-E3 failed pretty much every review for having out of spec ripple on the minor rails once above about half load. The RS-750-ACAA-D3 hasnt had a real review yet so its hopefully better but i would avoid loading up the RS-750-ACAA-E3 to heavily or its going to start killing things slowly.
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