2x Gigabyte GTX 470 SOC in SLI heat issue

As the title suggests, I just had my first overheating issue with my SOC gtx 470 SLI setup. The temperature rose to 84 deg. celsius, and the heat protection feature shut the cards down. Aside from cramming more fans in the case, are there any other methods of GPU cooling that don't require replacing the factory Gigabyte 3 fan setup on the cards?
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  1. 84 is nothing... Are you sure you read the temps right? Those cards should run right up to around 100C...
  2. Thanks for the reply. I read the temperature correctly, I was under the impression from what I have read that 85C was excessive. Granted, the information I found wasn't specifically for these cards, may have been an "in general" observation. Is there a website or publication that I can look up the specific heat tolerance for these cards?
  3. Admittedly, 84 is hotter than I would like, but the max temp is 105C.
  4. Ahh, thank you very much! Now I don't feel so bad about 84C. Although, as you said, it is still higher than I would like. Any recommendations for GPU specific cooling methods? I have no problem with my CPU temp, I'm figuring the temp of the GPU's might be related to the small spacing between the 2 cards. The heat that's being pulled away from one card is being blown directly on to the back of the other. Not sure if that is the definite problem, but it seems logical to me. Any opinions would be greatly appreciated.
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