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I'm building a new PC in a month or so. Before I finalize the rest of the components I'm looking to choose an enclosure. So far I've got the following list to thin down.

Lian Li:
- PC-B10 (£180)
- PC-A71F (£180)
- PC-7FNB (£90)
- PC-60FNB (£80)
- PC-Z60 (Can’t find it for sail yet)
Fractal Design:
- Define R3 or Define XL (both £95)

Quietness is the second priority after the look of the case. I'm a big fan of very minimal designs so maybe there's something nicer that I've missed? What do people think? Are the more expensive cases worth the extra? Is there any big difference between the cheaper Lian Li and the Fractal Design cases that should sway me one way or the other? Is there any point in going or not going for the larger cases if I have room?
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  1. Personally, I prefer the Fractal Design Define XL out of those you have listed
  2. Any reason for your preference?
  3. Apparently the air flow in the Define XL is quite pore round the CPU so I think I'll give it a miss. I have found some other cases though. The Corsair Obsidian range. It looks pretty good. That being said, at the moment I'm swaying toward the PC-A71F. I am still looking for advice if any one's got any though.
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