5850 performance issues

Hello, I just "upgraded" from a HIS 4890 and 4GB 1333hz RAM to a Sapphire 5850 and 6GB 1333hz, but I'm taking a performance hit. With my 4890 my fps was in the 60-80s on most games now 5850 it's from 40-60
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  1. The 4890 is a beast. It's better than the 5850 running a few titles out there. Here's a good review including the single 5850 (single and crossfire) and the 4890 so you know what to expect:


    The 5850 definitely has the edge with most titles though. Which games are you playing?
  2. Thanks for the reply! :) I'm mostly playing FPS like Black Ops and and MW1 but also some RTS like Starcraft 2 (which i have seen a huge fps drop in)
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