USB 3.0 Header Issue

Long time user of Toms Hardware, just a new member now!

(Its late, I'm probably running on fumes, and feeling slightly nutty at this point) :pt1cable:
So, on to the question. Heres the background.

I just recently (within the last 24 hours) finished a gaming rig build.

I'm running an ASRock A75-Pro mobo with USB 3.0.
Everything works together flawlessly, except one thing. The USB Header.

I'm used to single, 9 pin USB headers, but my case has a 20pin header.
Here's the issue, my board has 4 single headers and I need a 20 pin header for the front panel USB connectors.

I've searched Newegg, Tiger, Frys, and Amazon and it may be just me (and at this hour, thats likely) but I cant seem to find what I need.
Judging by how it looks, I would need a "splitter" of sorts. To split the 20 to two 10s. (Upon further investigation, the header is identified as a 10 pin even though only 9 are active).

So, can anyone give me a clue as how to solve this issue?
Thanks :heink:
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    looks like this might be a pretty good option

    havent seen the header youre looking for without frankensteining a bunch of gender changers and adapters together and thats not exactly an elegant solution
  2. Excellent idea. Just bought it on newegg.

    Many thanks!
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  4. cool, glad i could help man
  5. ^lol nice name :D
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